A Business Coach’s Business Boundaries

Your employees may need a kick up the backside to make sure they work to their fullest potential. However, you could be too busy to give them pep talks and you aren’t their parent anyway. You need a professional who can deal with them on your behalf. That is what a business coach is for. A business coach can give the employees what is needed to improve productivity and motivation in the workplace. That being said, you need to keep a few things in mind about what a business coach can and cannot do. They include the following:
– Business coaches should not be expected to clean up your mess or sort out your disputes. In fact, it is advised that they try to avoid acting as the intermediary for the sake of their careers. That is because they are only supposed to be working with your employees, not trying to negotiate with other organisations and companies. As long as you understand that, you can be sure that your small business consultant will do the jobs you tell them to do. Those jobs will pertain to ensuring that your employees do their jobs right.
– A business coach is not a gossip hen. That isn’t what they are paid to be and you should expect professionalism from them at all times. If you suspect that they have joined in with the unnecessary chit-chat, you should have words with them. Just because you tell the business coach something that pertains to their job but he was meant to keep it confidential, it doesn’t give him licence to go around spreading it like wildfire. Hopefully he understands what is meant to be communicated and what is to be kept between the two of you.
– Just because a business coach is supposed to motivate the workers, that doesn’t mean they are counsellors or wise men. They are only supposed to work within the boundaries of their job description. A business coach may have an idea that could help an employee get the best out of themselves. However, that isn’t something that needs to be expressed. The word ‘should’ is a word that must never come out of the mouth of the business coach. They can offer encouragement, motivation, and ideas all they want. However, that is where it stops.
– A consultant training in Melbourne has a job to do. That job is all he is allowed to do. He may have an idea to improve other facets of the company but that is not what you pay him to offer. For all you know it could be a great idea but you don’t want time to be wasted. If the business coach has a second to breathe just to tell you of a new marketing scheme, tell him in no uncertain terms what you expect of him. Additional services are not part of the job description.